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Emily Walters

Emily Walters

Director of Operations at Walters & Company Property Management

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With over 7 years of experience in real estate, I can confidently say that I know how to help navigate the delicacies of the rental market for both property owners and tenants. I consistently focus on innovative solutions to help maximize clients' returns and ensure their property is maintained and leased.

I, along with my team, consistently deliver a winning approach to leasing and maintaining properties. Through my years of experience and hard work, I know how to handle delicate situations with empathy and common-sense solutions. We ensure that our clients' properties come first and will facilitate effective management solutions to make sure all properties are efficiently managed and maintained.

As a Colorado native, I have seen our beautiful community grow and change over the years and absolutely love it! My favorite part about my job is getting connected with other like-minded professionals looking to elevate their personal and professional growth to be the best in the biz!

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